Welcome to my page; a site I have no specific plan for yet, other than to write about things I personally want to talk about / get off my chest to an anonymous audience that I have no fear of ever knowing me personally or judging me on a level that would bother or effect me.

And to those that do stumble upon this page who do personally know me; hey!

I’ll probably write about things close to me; my work, my weight loss shenanigans (team SW!), travels, dreams, segments from stories I’ll probably never finish, things that you may or may not find of interest.
But thanks for checking it out  either way 🙂



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A woman of age as part of the human race.
Enjoys lots of things, dislikes other stuff.
I’ll use this blog to post things of interest or importance to myself which others may enjoy reading, but will mainly be a way of getting things of my mind without the worry of boring the company I keep.
I sometimes dream of writing something that may get published one day, for now though this page will be my way of learning and structuring my work better towards a dreamy possibility of the future.

I also like animals, gaming and travelling.